Four-Legged Fictions

“Four-Legged Fictions,” a portfolio devoted to writers and their canine characters, headlines the July 2013 issue of WLT, featuring poetry and fiction from Australia, France, and Spain.


Esther Tusquets
Mark Tredinnick 
Jean Rolin
Jacques Roubaud

  • Mark Tredinnick
    Photo: Daniel Boud   This is my devotion, then: to walk sometimes                                             with the dog through the sclerophyll Cathedral of the morning. To let myself Off my lead…
  • Jacques Roubaud
    Translator’s note: Roubaud wrote the first poem, “À cinq heures du soir” (itself a nod to Lorca’s famous “La cogida y la muerte”), about Warren Motte’s dog Lucy, who shared with her owner a g…