Photography: Taking Pictures, Telling Stories

”The beauty of photography’s language is that it has no rules and follows no laws.” - Yousef Kanfar

“They, given tongue, will be able to speak with and for us. And in this language will be proposed to the lens that with which, in the end, photography must be concerned—time, and place, and the works of man.” – Dorothea Lange, “Photographing the Familiar,” 1952

This cover feature is part of a special double issue of WLT featuring Yousef Khanfar, David Goldblatt & Nadine Gordimer, Lois Greenfield, Jacko Vassilev, Lisa Kristine, Robert Glenn Ketchum, Lalla A. Essaydi, Kenro Izu, Joyce Tenneson, Misha Gordin, Ken Duncan, Ami Vitale, David Doubilet, Candida Höfer & Umberto Eco, Tim Mantoani, Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Phil Borges, Graciela Iturbide, Jay Dusard, Camille Seaman, and Shahidul Alam. It's truly an issue of WLT that you simply can't miss. Get the full digital or print edition filled with 160 pages of photography, literature, and book reviews.