Words from a Dying Planet? International Eco-lit

A dead tree. Photo by Michael Chen.
 Photo by Michael Chen

When the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its “Climate Change 2014” report last month, with dire warnings about the “vulnerability and exposure of human and natural systems,” it reminded us of a question posed on our blog last year: “Now we must write as if the planet were dying. What would you say to a planet in a spasm of extinction?” Here, eleven writers share their responses.

70 Kris Saknussemm (essay)

71 Maya Khosla (poetry)

73 Niyi Osundare (poetry)

76 Wu Ming-yi (essay)

77 Michael Cope (poetry)

79 Liu Ka-shiang (essay)

81 Ava Chin (booklist)

83 Tom Zoellner (essay)

85 Eduardo Mitre (poetry)

87 Pedro Shimose (poetry)

88 Amarsana Ulzytuev (poetry)

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