Sylvia Petter's “Souk,” Before and After

August 29, 2012

In this new series of blog posts we open a window into the creative spaces of our writers all around the world, getting a brief glimpse into how and where they each uniqely work through the creative process. In our first installment, writer Sylvia Petter gives a before and after of her workspace in Vienna, Austria.

Tidy Souk Messy Souk
Sylvia Petter's writing workspace before and after.

Mine is a real mess, but I do call it my "souk," and that’s where most of the writing gets done. I have a lovely pic of the place a few years ago when I was getting it all organized, but today it looks a bit different. I just took a pic now and, surprisingly, there’s a face there that for the life of me I can’t locate in reality. Maybe it’s that muse person? – Sylvia Petter

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