Zoran Živković

  • Zoran Živković
    Četvrti krug (Polaris, 1993) The Fourth Circle (Ministry of Whimsy Press, 2004), tr. Mary Popović, afterword (1) "A Brief History of The Fourth Circle" by Zoran Živković, af...
  • Michael A. Morrison
    Photo by Nebojsa Babic Zoran Živković (b. 1948) is the author of nineteen works of fiction. Translations of Živković’s prose books have appeared in more than...
  • Zoran Živković
    While waiting for a train, a woman enters a teashop and decides to act with uncharacteristically reckless abandon. She orders the most unusual tea on the menu: tea with stories. In this s...
  • Zoran Zivkovic
    Michael A. Morrison
    Only a few years after his birth in 1948, Zoran Živković fell in love with literature. Like so many, he was initially drawn by the "irresistibly enchanting impression that whenever I opened a book it...

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