4 Books We Look Forward to in 2015

by  WLT

Happy are the HappyHappy Are the Happy

Yasmina Reza 

John Cullen, tr. 

A short advance excerpt from Yasmina Reza’s new novel fairly crackles with electric wit and precise comedic timing. Her award-winning talent as a playwright coupled with a lively prose style lends particular promise to Happy Are the Happy. I anticipate spending a highly enjoyable winter’s evening with this tantalizing little book.

— Marla Johnson, Book Review Editor



The Story of My TeethThe Story of My Teeth

Valeria Luiselli

Christina MacSweeney, tr.

I’ve just finished reading Luiselli’s collection of essays, Sidewalks, and I’m looking forward to reading more of her work, including a novel she wrote in installments for workers in a juice factory in Mexico, The Story of My Teeth.

— Michelle Johnson, Managing Editor



TeslaTesla: A Portrait with Masks

Vladimir Pištalo 

I love reading about the history of science and its wildest inventors—Vladimir Pištalo’s novel Tesla: A Portrait with Masks transforms Nikola Tesla’s biography into a fictionalized account that aims to dig into the inner life of one of the electrical age’s most prolific inventors. I’m curious to see how Pištalo’s creativity lends to the telling of Tesla’s fascinating brilliance.

— Jen Rickard Blair, Digital Media Editor



Ten Windows: How Great Poems Transform the WorldTen Windows: How Great Poems Transform the World

Jane Hirshfield 

Hirshfield’s newest essay collection promises to “restore us at every turn to a more precise, sensuous, and deepened experience of our shared humanity, and of the seemingly limitless means by which that knowledge is both summoned and forged.” Is the world transformed by the windows we choose to look through? I’m eager to see.

— Daniel Simon, Editor in Chief 


What books are you looking forward to in 2015?

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