Edward Gauvin

The translator of more than 250 graphic novels, Edward Gauvin has won the John Dryden Translation prize and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Award.

  • Playfully illustrated figures swim in an abstract sea
    “Gravity” by Dani Montesinos Feet to Feet   My wife and I have a way of sleeping that might seem a bit bizarre: neither face-to-face nor back-to-back, but with the soles of our feet pressed together....
  • A close-up of the weather worn hands of a angel statue
       By Mélanie Fazi
    Photo: Michael Gaida/Pixabay Following a hysterectomy, a woman is drawn to the gothic ambience of a stone statuary garden at her lover’s family’s home. My third sleepless night in t...
  • An ornate brass door knocker rests on a dark turquoise door
       By Anne Richter
    Photo: Daria Nepriakhina/Pixabay T he old man lived in a vast, dark house, windows blind with frosted glass, door adorned with a heavy bronze knocker. At one time or another, all five of his children...
  • A painting of two houses, one bright and right side up, the other dark and upside down, meeting at their floors
    Duo III, 2013, oil on canvas by André Schulze Courtesy of the artist/andreschulze.com A mother inside, a daughter outside. Has her mother shrunk, or has she always been...
  • The cover to Moving the Palace by Charif Majdalani
    New York. New Vessel Press. 2017. 200 pages. Moving the Palace won both the François Mauriac Prize from the Académie Française and the Prix Tropiques, so one opens its pages with high expecta...
  • The cover to Pascin by Joann Sfar
       By Joann Sfar
    Minneapolis, Minnesota. Uncivilized Books. 2016. 186 pages. Through a series of vignettes depicting the personal life and sexual escapades of Julius Mordecai Pincas (Pascin), French cartoonist Joann S...
  • The cover to The Deep Sea Diver’s Syndrome by Serge Brussolo
       By Serge Brussolo
    Brooklyn. Melville House. 2016. 196 pages. Serge Brussolo is largely unknown in the English-speaking world; The Deep Sea Diver’s Syndrome is the first of his books to be translated into Engli...
  • The cover to Blutch's Peplum
       By Blutch
    New York. New York Review Comics. 2016. 160 pages. “The nostalgia for purity, the ghost of a perfect love—these are a drunkard’s despair.” Spoken by the work’s impostor protagonist’s seemingly mute “l...
  • Weapons of Mass Diplomacy
       By Abel Lanzac
    Edward Gauvin, tr. Christophe Blain, ill. London / New York. SelfMadeHero / Abrams. 2014. ISBN 9781906838782 Weapons of Mass Diplomacy demonstrates indisputably that a graphic novel can provi...

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