Tomorrow Is Poem in Your Pocket Day

April 17, 2013
by WLT

Tomorrow is National Poem in Your Pocket Day, and we are providing a printable PDF of “Words” by Dana Gioia, and the download comes paired with the Spanish translation by José Emilio Pacheco. The poem was reprinted by permission of Ediciones el Tucan de Virginia in the September 2011 issue of WLT and can be read on the WLT website as well. also has an enormous selection of poems that you can print as well.

Another part of the tradition of Poem in Your Pocket Day is to share the poem you’re carrying with you, so if you live near the Norman, Oklahoma area, we’ve got an event for you! WLT is hosting a Poetry Open Mic tomorrow night at Gray Owl Coffee, 223 E. Gray Street, starting at 7pm and moderated by Oklahoma’s Poet Laureate Nathan Brown. Everyone who attends will get a free digital issue of World Literature Today, and there will be tons of free books—some signed by the authors. To snag a free book, there’s one caveat: you’ve got to step up to the mic and read a favorite poem or one of your own.

Poetry Open Mic