WLT Executive Director RC Davis to appear on OETA this Sunday

September 26, 2013
by WLT

Current Conversations

Two University of Oklahoma faculty from the College of International Studies will appear on OETA (COX 14) discussing the current crisis in the Middle East on Sunday, September 29, at 1 p.m.

Joshua Landis, an expert on Syria and the Middle East, and Samer S. Shehata, an expert on Egypt and the Middle East, will discuss the region’s current crises and the possibility of political breakthroughs.

The forty-five-minute interview is an installment of “Current Conversations,” a TV interview show sponsored by the OU international publication World Literature Today (WLT) and OU Outreach’s Video and Media Services. The show’s moderator is Robert Con Davis-Undiano, WLT’s executive director.

For more information about this broadcast or the schedule for “Current Conversations,” go to currentconversations.ou.edu or contact R.C. Davis-Undiano at World Literature Today (405/325-4531) or the show’s director Angela Nicholson at Video and Media Services (405/325-3588).