3 Go-to Translations to Read in April

April 3, 2019

Esther Gerritsen

Craving (fiction)

Trans. Michele Hutchinson

World Editions

In Dutch writer Esther Gerritsen’s Craving, readers follow Coco, who moves in with her dying mother as a means to “prove her love” before the end of her mother’s life. Gerritsen’s dark humor follows Coco and a supporting cast of ex-husbands, ex-bosses, and ex-boyfriends as she works her way through life and through her relationship wither her mother. Gerritsen’s prose is rhythmic and poetic, but each word has a purpose in moving the narrative forward and appealing to the emotions of her readers.


Anton G. Leitner

Selected Poems, 1981–2015 (verse)

Trans. Paul-Henri Campbell, Anatoly Kudryavitsky & Yulia Kudryavitskya

SurVision Books

In this recent verse collection, German writer and publisher Anton Leitner offers readers an insight into his view of the world. Leitner’s self-deprecating humor combined with rhythmic, flowing verse communicates his observations of the world to the reader. Irony and abstraction carry readers on unexpected journeys and make for an enjoyable and thought-provoking experience.


César Aira

Birthday (creative nonfiction)

Trans. Chris Andrews

New Directions

In Birthday, Argentine writer César Aira meditates on memory and identity as he ruminates on life on the occasion of his fiftieth birthday. Aira’s nonfiction also contemplates how little we as humans know or remember about our own lives. Readers of creative nonfiction and those new to the genre will find Aira’s prose refreshing even though it evokes a sense of melancholy as Aira works his way through memory, identity, literature, and writing.

University of Oklahoma

Erika Horton is an English writing major at the University of Oklahoma. Hailing from a small town in southeastern Oklahoma and having spent a few years in southeastern Michigan, she brings a fresh perspective to Oklahoma writing. She is interested in bringing an Oklahoma voice to fiction and creative nonfiction. Her interests in fiction fall into the fantasy and science fiction genres with a specific interest in LGBTQ+