Hurricane Sandy relief, Mo Yan's translator, and book spine poetry

November 9, 2012

Hurricane Sandy affected so many people in the northeastern United States, including several bookstores and literacy charities. We've included a few links to information and ways to help the recovery effort below.

News, Reviews, and Interviews

The Mantle's newest hit series is all about the role of artists within conflict zones. (For more on this subject, visit our May 2012 issue of WLT dedicated to "Culture and Conflict.")

Mo Yan's translator Howard Goldblatt reflects on how he felt after the Nobel Prize announcement.

What is the role of translators throughout the editing process? Find one perspective at the Intralingo blog.

As you probably know, the Nobel isn't the only literary prize that relies on translations; it's also not the only prize without controversy.

The New Yorker's Page-Turner blog thinks that fiction writers should learn math to improve their craft.

Hurricane Sandy might have postponed the 2012 PEN Awards, but that doesn't mean people were any less excited when the banquet was rescheduled. 

For Your Calendar

The Griffin Poetry Prize is taking entries until December 31. Make sure you send in your poems on time!

The Archipelago Books end of season auction is November 29. Don't forget to buy your tickets!

For anyone in or around the London area, the Index on Censorship is celebrating its 40th anniversary at Kings Place on November 19.

Fun Finds and Inspiration

The English PEN Fiction Uncovered authors recently revealed their favorite authors and titles in translation.

Ian McEwan, author of best-selling novel Atonement, recently defended the novella in the New Yorkers' Page-Turner blog.

Poetry International hosted a mini contest on their Facebook page where people could submit "book spine poetry." The winning entry was so wonderful, we just had to share!

Europa Editions' Editor in Chief Michael Reynolds talks about why he loves his job.

If you're interested in helping the victims of Hurricane Sandy, First Book, a charitable organization that advocates for literacy, is asking for donations that will go to purchasing new books for children in the Northeast United States.