Shel Silverstein: Five Things You Might Not Know About the Famous Children’s Poet

April 30, 2013

1. He wrote the song “A Boy Named Sue” popularized by Johnny Cash.

Johnny Cash - A Boy Named Sue (Live At San... by DJ_DirtyDevil


2. In 1956 he started drawing comics for Playboy magazine. He contributed to the magazine until 1998.

The Obsession by Shel Silverstein

3. He served in the Korean War and worked on the military magazine Pacific Stars and Stripes as a cartoonist.

Take Ten, Shel Silverstein

4. His editor rejected The Giving Tree because he felt “that the book fell between adults’ and children’s literature and would never sell.”

The Giving Tree

5. He started writing plays in 1981, two of which premiered in New York City: The Lady or the Tiger Show and The Devil and Billy Markham.

 Shel Silverstein



Melissa Weiss is a former WLT intern.