A tribute to Brian Doyle, Sherman Alexie’s new memoir, and more

June 2, 2017
by WLT
Brian Doyle. Photo by Sam Beebe/Flickr
Brian Doyle. Photo by Sam Beebe/Flickr

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“If we didn’t write poetry after the Holocaust it would be as if Hitler had won, or that the Nazis were right.” Neustadt laureate Adam Zagajewski discussed the art and trauma of the Holocaust and the idea of blurred homelands during a conversation on European culture held at the BBVA Foundation.

Award-winning Oregon author Brian Doyle passed away this week from complications related to a brain tumor. Doyle was editor of the University of Portland’s Portland Magazine for 25 years, and WLT nominated his essay “Crew Cuts” for a Pushcart Prize in 2015.

In this BookPage interview, Sherman Alexie discusses his memoir and how his deeply troubled relationship with his mother, Lillian, has been cathartic.

The National Review examines a new biography of Czesław Miłosz (Miłosz: A Biography, by Andrzej Franaszek) and explores his opposition to Stalinism and disgust with a nationalistic European Right.

Recent WLT contributor Oddný Eir will be participating in a panel titled “Collecting the Pieces: Fiction and Trauma” at the Bay Area Book Festival this weekend.

In this KGOU radio interview, WLT executive director RC Davis-Undiano discusses his new book, Mestizos Come Home!, and the Mexican-American “reawakening” since the 1960s.

Recent NSK Neustadt Prize finalist Lynda Barry has won a lifetime achievement award, and Jeff Keane paid tribute to her in one of his Family Circus cartoons this week.

In this PEN interview, Basma Abdel Aziz—who recently contributed a work of dystopian fiction for WLT’s March issue—discusses her early political writing while in medical school, getting arrested in Cairo, and more.

Words Without Borders has launched a new online education program called WWB Campus.

The Center for Fiction has announced its 2017 NYC Emerging Writers Fellows.

The Bosphorus Review of Books, a new English-language publication aimed at providing literary works and commentary for Turkey and the world, is open for submissions.


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Literary Hub takes a look at the queer literary origins of Wonder Woman.

For National Spelling Bee week, NPR featured a Google map that features, state by state, the words that people most often Google “how to spell.”

From Elena Ferrante to Ernest Hemingway, Electric Literature rounds up 11 of the most disastrous vacations in literature