Bilingual Recordings, A Soul at Play by Shizue Ogawa


A Soul at PlayFollowing is a selection of four bilingual audio readings from Shizue Ogawa’s A Soul at Play, a collection of verse reviewed in the May 2012 issue of WLT. Donna Tamaki provides the English reading, and Hikaru Tamaki accompanies Tamaki and the author on the cello.



井戸 - (The Well)



ライラックの木の下 (Under a Lilac Tree) 



炎 — 遊ぶ魂 (Flames — A Soul at Play) 


足あと (Tracks)

Shizue Ogawa grew up in Memuro, a village near Obihiro in southeast Hokkaido. She writes in both Japanese and English, and her first published work appeared in Over the Oceans: 14 Bilingual Poems by 14 PoetsWater: A Soul at Play is her first book of free verse. Shizue's website is