The 2022 Neustadt International Prize for Literature Jury: A Reading List

August 2, 2021

The covers to Above the Milky Way and the Registers of Illuminated Villages

Have you read the work of the ten jurors who will be selecting the next laureate of the Neustadt Prize? (You can read more about them on the Neustadt website.) We’ve put together a short list with something from each juror’s work. Poems, short fiction, novels, illustrations, and translation: it’s all here! Dive in and begin reading the work of these ten amazing writers who will be participating in the Neustadt Festival in October and picking the next winner of the Neustadt International Prize for Literature.

Jennifer Croft: Homesick

Tarfia Faizullah: Registers of Illuminated Villages

Hamid Ismailov: The Devil’s Dance (trans. Donald Rayfield with John Farndon)

Fowzia Karimi: Above Us the Milky Way: An Illuminated Alphabet

Eleni Kefala: “Nausis” and “The Coastal Path” (trans. Adam J. Goldwyn)

R. O. Kwon: The Incendiaries

Carlos Labbé: Spiritual Choreographies (trans. Will Vanderhyden)

Carlos Pintado: Water with Sugar;  Nine Coins / Nueve monedas (trans. Hilary Vaughn Dobel)

Matthew Shenoda: Tahrir Suite; Seeing”; “Race, History, and the Body: Humanity on Display

Olga Zilberbourg: Like Water and Other Stories; “Three Flash Fictions