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  • Photo by Dena Florczyk

    Piotr Florczyk

    Piotr Florczyk is the author of East & West, a volume of poems; Barefoot, a chapbook of poems; as well as Los Angeles Sketchbook, a collection of brief essays and photographs. He has also translated several books of Polish poetry. Piotr and his wife, Dena, live in Los Angeles, where he is a doctoral student at USC.

  • Laurel Flores Fantauzzo

    Laurel Flores Fantauzzo is the author of the nonfiction book The First Impulse, which examines a love story and mystery in Metro Manila. She was a 2016 finalist for the PEN/Fusion Award, and she has earned grants and residencies from Erasmus, Hedgebrook, Fulbright, and the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice.

  • Dolores Flores-Silva

    Dolores Flores-Silva, from the Mexican Gulf state of Veracruz, teaches Latin American literature and culture at Roanoke College. She is co-author of The Cross and the Sword in the Works of Rosario Ferré and Mayra Montero (2009) and has written on topics such as Mexican and Hispano-Caribbean literatures and cultures, Chicano Studies, and—most recently—the US South. Her publications as a poet, playwright, and translator traverse languages and borders.

  • Jennifer Elise Foerster

    Jennifer Elise Foerster is an alumna of the Institute of American Indian Arts and the Vermont College of the Fine Arts. A Muscogee (Creek) Nation citizen, she is pursuing her PhD at the University of Denver. Her first book of poems, Leaving Tulsa, was published by the University of Arizona Press in 2013.

  • J. V. Foix

    J. V. Foix (1893–1987) was a Catalan poet and essayist; this photo was taken in Cadaqués, Girona, in 1969. At the start of the twentieth century, he was instrumental in introducing the European avant-garde movements into Catalonia. “The Village” is an extract from his collection of prose poems, Daybook 1918.

  • Photo: Don J. Usner

    Carolyn Forché

    Carolyn Forché’s first volume, Gathering the Tribes, winner of the Yale Series of Younger Poets Prize, was followed by The Country Between Us, The Angel of History, and Blue Hour. Her latest collection, In the Lateness of the World, is forthcoming in 2017. She has translated Mahmoud Darwish, Claribel Alegría, and Robert Desnos. Her famed international anthology, Against Forgetting: Twentieth-Century Poetry of Witness (1993), has been praised by Nelson Mandela as “itself a blow against tyranny, against prejudice, against injustice,” and was followed by the anthology Poetry of Witness: The Tradition in English, 1500–2001 (2014). In 1998 she received the Edita & Ira Morris Hiroshima Foundation for Peace & Culture Award in Stockholm for her human rights advocacy and the preservation of memory and culture. She was also a finalist for the 2016 Neustadt International Prize for Literature. She holds a University Professorship at Georgetown University, where she directs the Lannan Center for Poetics and Social Practice. She is currently at work on a memoir and a fifth collection of poetry.

  • Photo: Johnathan Ring

    Aminatta Forna

    Aminatta Forna (OBE) is a prizewinning novelist, memoirist, and essayist. She is currently Lannan Visiting Chair of Poetics at Georgetown University and professor of creative writing at Bath Spa University. Her latest novel, Happiness (Grove), will be published in March 2018. 

  • Sesshu Foster

    Sesshu Foster has taught composition and literature in East LA for thirty-five years. His most recent book, City of the Future, won a 2019 CLMP Firecracker Award. He is collaborating with artist Arturo Romo on the novel ELADATL, to be published by City Lights Books in fall 2019.

  • Ru Freeman

    Ru Freeman ( is a Sri Lankan–born writer and activist. Her first novel, A Disobedient Girl, was published in the United States and translated into eight foreign languages. Her political journalism appears internationally in English and in Arabic translation. An excerpt of Freeman's writing appeared in the September 2010 issue of WLT.

  • Jocelyn Frelier

    Jocelyn Frelier is an assistant professor of International Studies at Texas A&M University. Her research interests include contemporary French and francophone literature and film, migration and diaspora studies, and gender theory. 

  • Rodrigo Fresán

    Rodrigo Fresán (b. 1963, Buenos Aires) is the author of Historia argentina, Vidas de santos, Trabajos manuales, Esperanto, La velocidad de las cosas, and more. Translations into English include Kensington Gardens (Natasha Wimmer, FSG), The Bottom of the Sky (Will Vanderhyden, Open Letter), and The Invented Part (Vanderhyden, Open Letter).

  • Stuart Friebert

    Stuart Friebert has published fifteen volumes of translations from the German and, in collaboration with colleagues, from the Czech, Italian, Romanian, and Lithuanian; fifteen books of his own poems (two with major prizes); several co-edited anthologies, including The Longman Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry (2nd ed., 1989); and two prose memoirs.

  • Yanara Friedland

    Yanara Friedland is a German American writer, translator, and teacher. She is the author of the novel Uncountry: A Mythology, the 2015 winner of the Noemi Fiction Prize. The digital chapbook Abraq ad Habra: I will create as I speak, is available from Essay Press.

  • Max Frisch

    Max Frisch (1911-1991) was a Swiss novelist and playwright. Frisch's father suddenly passed away while he was studying at the University of Zurich, and Frisch had to abandon his studies and take up a job as a journalist, thus beginning his life-long career as a writer. His first novel was published in 1934, but his most active writing period occurred during the 1950s and 60s. Major themes in Frisch's works include identity, individuality, and political commitment. He is the laureate of the 1986 Neustadt Prize.

  • Sonja Fritzsche

    Sonja Fritzsche is Professor of German and Eastern European Studies at Illinois Wesleyan University. Her publications include Science-Fiction Literature in East Germany (2006) and The Liverpool Companion to World Science-Fiction Film (2014).

  • Photo by Alon Porat

    Tahel Frosh

    Tahel Frosh (b. 1977) has degrees in law and psychology and is currently working on a doctorate in literature. Her debut poetry collection, Betsa (Avarice. Jerusalem, Mossad Bialik, 2014), from which these poems have been chosen, was published in 2014 to wide acclaim. She also co-edited the anthology Avodat gilui (Unveiling work) and is a member of the art and social justice collective Cultural Guerrilla.

  • Fu Qiuyun

    Fu Qiuyun is from the city of Zhoukou in Henan Province. She changed jobs many times before ending up at the Workers’ Home in Beijing, where she has been working for over a decade. Currently she serves as the main organizer of the Picun Literature Group.

  • Danielle Fuller

    Danielle Fuller is a senior lecturer at the University of Birmingham (England).

  • Ana María Fuster Lavín

    Ana María Fuster Lavín is a Puerto Rican writer and cultural columnist. She received awards from PEN Puerto Rico’s chapter for her novel Requiem and from the Instituto de Literatura Puertorriqueña for her short-story collection Verdades Caprichosas and for her poetry collection El libro de las sombras. She is also the author of several narrative and poetry books, including two gothic novels: (In)somnio and Mariposas Negras.

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