City Issue: Hong Kong

  • A soft illustration of a family around a table
    Tammy Lai-Ming Ho
    Illustration by Yang (see footnote) AS THE YEARS GO BY and I get more advanced in age, I find I have become increasingly self-aware. It’s hardly an astonishing revelation, of...
  • A panoramic shot of Hong Kong
       By Xi Xi
    Xi Xi
    PHOTO: Florian Wehde / Unsplash In Eileen Chang’s The Sequel, there is an essay entitled “On Eating Cakes and Drawing Cakes to Stave Off Hunger” that references the Bluebird Café near...
  • A panoramic shot of Hong Kong
       By Xi Xi
    Xi Xi
    PHOTO: Florian Wehde / Unsplash you gave me a black silk chicken hoping I’d eat it and get better you gave me a black silk chicken because I’ve been unwell I cooked up the black silk chick...
  • Three book jackets juxtaposed, Gueilo, A Chinese Wedding, and Water Wood Pure Splendor
       By Xu Xi
    Xu Xi
      TO CURATE A reading list of ten to fifteen Hong Kong books that will inspire the international reader of literature is no easy task. For one thing, ten to fifteen is an arbitrary ra...
  • A shot from directly above of a red taxi cab waiting at a street light on a street marked by numerous parallel yellow lines
       By Jason S. Polley
    Jason S. Polley
    PHOTO: Ruslan Bardash/Unsplash The meaty gweipo complete slippery scolds assailant aplenty The meaty miasma of North Point’s postcard avenues, where Big-Leaf Fig base...
  • A bowl of rice, lightly colored by an application of soy sauce
       By Chris Song
    Chris Song
    PHOTO: Jmoritz320/Pixabay But a bowl of rice with soy sauce was your breakfast yesterday. Colors of foods varied as fate played out with this resemblance on the table – Clay-pot sauce pour...
  • A photograph of a white kite held by an arm that stretches into the bottom of the frame with the moon hovering just above the kite
       By Wawa
    Prelapsarian Bloom: One Day One Life, thread on kite, LED light. Photo courtesy of the author. [untitled] a day a life, between death and birth, under the mo...
  • A photograph looking up the front of a colorful apartment building
       By Belle Ling
    Belle Ling
    PHOTO: Florian Wehde/Unsplash Tasting Karma Does the doctor prefer eating an apple before he announces death? The doctor says: “Just so—sorry.” Or, he prefers studying an ap...
  • An illustration showing four Hong Kong food dishes. Text surrounding reads Steamed Minced Pork with Preserved White Cabbage, Singapore Style Rice Noodles, Steamed Chicken with Golden Pins and Cloud Ears, Salted Egg-Yolk Prawns, and Thousand-Year-Old Egg with Lean Pork Congee
    Illustration: Yang Tammy Lai-Ming Ho Sweet and Sour Soup Some years ago, I visited Luxembourg, and when I went looking for somewhere to eat in the area around the hostel I sta...
  • A gauzy photo of a waiter in Hong Kong working in a kitchen
       By Lian-Hee Wee
    Lian-Hee Wee
    PHOTO: WakingPhotoLife/Flickr Infiltrating Hong Kong’s noodle stalls, Lian-Hee Wee investigates the quick, mysterious writing used by waiters on order slips.  Nobody knows I’m a fraud...
  • A hand-lettered sign in Chinese with English words that read “To Yuen Long / Please Press Bell”
       By Eddie Tay
    Eddie Tay
    Press Doorbell Please. PHOTO: Eddie Tay How I Impress Others with My Cantonese At a dim sum restaurant you’ll need to ask for la jiu jeong (chili sauce), la jiu yeow (chili oil), or...
  • Small dishes of food in bamboo bowls on a dim sum cart
       By Arthur Leung
    Arthur Leung
    PHOTO: Alice Cheung Dim Sum Cart Dim sum house in Mongkok, the crowded, traditional one with gleaming walls, red flowery carpet, you squeeze through waiters and eaters, tables and chandelier...
  • A shot from above as a throng of people cross a city street
       By Kate Rogers
    Kate Rogers
    PHOTO: Siriwan Leowratsamee/Unsplash Lamma Island Tofu-fa On the broken trail to Mot tat a field of white ginger lilies  flags us down. We shrug off our packs. Huddled amo...
  • A photo looking upward between two very tall buildings with a blue sky, dotted with clouds, emerging in the thin line between them
       By Bei Dao
    Bei Dao
    PHOTO: Rikki Chan/Unsplash Now settled in Hong Kong, one of China’s most influential contemporary writers considers the city’s cultural positioning and how to improve its cultural ecology....
  • A black and white photograph of human shadows on the pavement
       By Jennifer Wong
    Jennifer Wong
    Rainy Afternoon Hong Kong 2018. PHOTO: Joan Pabona @kuochuqu #historyofthebees  #gardenwall #blah #sowhat In 19__ I broke an expensive urn.  Since then I have been...
  • Looking through a series of blue gates, each with a hole in the center. A red crossbeam can be seen just beyond the final wall.
       By Kit Fan
    Kit Fan
    PHOTO: Joel Fulgencio/Unsplash Hong Kong and the Echo What do we know but that we face One another in this place? – W. B. Yeats, “Man and the Echo” HK. I loved my mountains, rivers,...

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