A Book for Every Bibliophile

by  WLT

It’s the holiday season, and whether you’re shopping for Diwali, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Christmas, WLT has a new book for every reader on your list.


For the Activist

Juliana Spahr & David Buuck, An Army of Lovers (City Lights Books)

An Army of Lovers


For the Armchair Traveler

Bill Porter, Yellow River Odyssey (Chin Music Press)

Yellow River Odyssey


For the Artist 

Cathy Marie Buchanan, The Painted Girls (Penguin)

The Painted Girls


For the Astronomer

Richard Norman, Zero Kelvin (Biblioasis)

Zero Kelvin


For the Baker

Kate Lebo, A Commonplace Book of Pie (Chin Music Press)

A Commonplace Book of Pie


For the Biographer

Earle Labor, Jack London: An American Life (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)

Jack London: An American Life


For the Birder

Brian Kimberling, Snapper (Random House)



For the Dramatist

Michel Nadeau, And Slowly Beauty, Maureen Labonté, tr. (Talonbooks)

And Slowly Beauty 


For the Dystopian

Davide Longo, The Last Man Standing, Silvester Mazzarella, tr. (MacLehose Press)

The Last Man Standing


For the Ecologist

Steven Pavlos Holmes, ed. Facing the Change: Personal Encounters with Global Warming (Torrey House Press)

Facing the Change


For the Family Historian

Gabi Gleichmann, The Elixir of Immortality, Michael Meigs, tr. (Other Press)

The Elixir of Immortality


For the Fashionista

Lisa Cohen, All We Know: Three Lives (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)

All We Know: Three Lives


For the Film Buff

Andrew Steinmetz, This Great Escape: The Case of Michael Paryla (Biblioasis)

This Great Escape: The Case of Michael Paryla


For the Financier

Joseph P. Farrell, Financial Vipers of Venice: Alchemical Money, Magical Physics, and Banking in the Middle Ages and Renaissance (Feral House)

Financial Vipers of Venice 


For the Foodie

Shemi Zarhin, Some Day, Yardenne Greenspan, tr. (New Vessel Press)

Some Day by Shemi Zarhin


For the Graphic Novel Lover

Julie Maroh, Blue Is the Warmest Color (Arsenal Pulp Press)

Blue Is the Warmest Color 


For the Historian

Hala El Badry, Rain over Baghdad, Farouk Abdel Wahab, tr. (American University in Cairo Press)

Rain over Baghdad 


For the Lifelong Learner

Alan Rusbridger, Play It Again: An Amateur Against the Impossible (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)

Play It Again: An Amateur Against the Impossible


For the Lisbeth Salander Lover

Pierre Lemaitre, Alex, Frank Wynne, tr. (MacLehose Press)



For the Medic

Lucie Wilk, The Strength of Bone (Biblioasis)

The Strength of Bone


For the Memoirist

Jesmyn Ward, Men We Reaped (Bloomsbury USA)

Men We Reaped


For the Music Lover

James Greer, Everything Flows (Curbside Splendor)

Everything Flows


For the Photographer

Paul Kwiatkowski, And Every Day Was Overcast (Black Balloon Publishing)

And Every Day Was Overcast


For the Psychologist

Inga Ābele, High Tide, Kaija Straumanis, tr. (Open Letter)

High Tide


For the Revolutionary

Montague Kobbé, The Night of the Rambler (Akashic Books)

The Night of the Rambler


For the Romantic

Durjoy Datta, Hold My Hand (Penguin)

Hold My Hand


For the Scientist

Jaspreet Singh, Helium (Bloomsbury)



For the Social Media Addict

Margaret Christakos, Multitudes (Coach House Books)



For the Young Reader

Jacqueline Woodson, This Is the Rope: A Story from the Great Migration, James Ransome, ill. (Nancy Paulsen Books)

This Is the Rope