What to Read Now: Summer Reading List 2017

by  WLT
Woman reading book outside in green grass with a terrier.
Photo: Bequest/Pixabay

By a lake, on a train, deep in a canyon, or at home on your back porch: it’s time to catch up on the outstanding global writing publishers have been bringing out since January. Here are seven to get you started plus one to anticipate in July. And when you finish these, you’ll find many more in our review section.


For the Subway Dreamer

Wild Gestures: StoriesWild Gestures: Stories

Lucy Durneen 

MidnightSun (January)


For the Doting Adult Daughter

Inheritance from MotherInheritance from Mother

Minae Mizumura

Trans. Juliet Winters Carpenter

Other Press (May)


For Those Meditating on Authoritarianism

Human ActsHuman Acts

Han Kang

Trans. Deborah Smith

Hogarth (January)


For the Struggling Millennial

Mr. Fix-ItMr. Fix-It

Richard Ali A Mutu

Trans. Bienvenu Sene Mongaba & Sara Sene

Phoneme Media (April)


For Stories of Migration and Exile

The RefugeesThe Refugees

Viet Thanh Nguyen

Grove Press (February)


For the Online Dater

Who You Think I AmWho You Think I Am

Camille Laurens

Trans. Adriana Hunter

Other Press (March)


For a Story of Statelessness


Bae Suah

Trans. Deborah Smith

Deep Vellum (January)


For Finding Strength

Thousand Star HotelThousand Star Hotel

Bao Phi

Coffee House Press (July)