My Apology Is Overdue

by  Rand
A photograph of children, bathed in shadow, gathered in an arch that faces the Dome of the Rock
The Dome of the Rock in Al-Quds / Photo © by Yousef Khanfar

I suffocate in my remorse, for I have betrayed you
Against my own will. My apology is overdue.
Your wounded eyes mourn tears from the oppression you’ve endured.
For what you have seen cannot be unseen, my apology is overdue.
Your tender hands tremble as you saw what man is capable of.
Hearts of stone and impermeable ears, my apology is overdue.
From the valleys of Salfit to divine Jerusalem you pour beauty,
yet a curse in disguise inhabits you, for that, my apology is overdue.
Your spirit manifested allure in the hearts of man. They tried making
you a bargaining chip as if you were up for sale, my apology is overdue.
I cannot put you to blame as it was inevitable for them to fall in
infatuation with your streets, for that, my apology is overdue.
My apology is overdue, my apology is overdue,
You gave me my roots, but all I did was hold my flower and grieve for you.


Rand is a Palestinian poet, future doctor, and part-time swim coach from Lod, Palestine. She has been writing poetry from a young age and turns to it as a safe haven. She firmly believes that writing has the power to ignite awareness and change where injustice exists.