The Palestinian Kufiyah

A geometric pattern of intricate interwoven lines

We created the Palestinian Kufiyah to be your
symbol of elegance and flames of resistance.

We centered it with Net of the Sea,
To remind you of staying one united, strong nation.

We surrounded it with Waves of the Sea,
To remind you of returning often to your homeland.

It is better to be united without a mission
Than have a mission without being united.

Palestine is your ancestors’ and children’s land
And no one should own it but you.

An award-winning Palestinian author, Yousef Khanfar has published three books, is featured globally in many publications, and is listed as one of the world’s top photographers. He has received appreciation from the White House, US Supreme Court, the UK’s House of Lords, and beyond. The Fulbright Center for Peace in Washington, DC, selected his book to help celebrate the Global Symposium of Peaceful Nations. He was selected as Artist of the Year to promote literacy with UNICEF, and the Palestine mission to the United Nations honored him for “appreciation of his extraordinary service to promoting peace and justice in Palestine through art.”